I’ve been photographing for most of my life but became serious about photography when I went to Tanzania in 2009. While there I was asked to photograph for one of the safari resorts that have luxurious tent facilities in different safari parks throughout Tanzania. They wanted updates for their website. Since then I continue to travel the world with my wife, Jane Ingram Allen. She is an artist, blogger, critic and curator. I am normally under contract to take photos of her art and projects that she curates and completes while doing artists residencies. There is also time for me to photograph subjects of my own interest. Besides the U.S.A., I’ve photographed extensively in Asia. I’m particularly interested in portrait, landscape, street and documentary photography. Although when I’m at car and airplane shows, I’m particularly interested in shapes and design.

Recently I’ve been concentrating on a portrait project of rural life in Taiwan. The subjects have largely been residents of a small rural village on the Southwest coast in the poorest county of Taiwan. Images include elderly and working adults and school children. There is also a component that relates to their celebration of storytelling and religion.

I photograph with a Canon 70D with a 16 to 300 mm Tamron lens. I also have a Sigma 18-200, a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and Canon 18-55mm. However, the Tamron lens is my workhorse.

My photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, art magazines, calendars and books. All the images in the book “Made In Taiwan” by Jane Ingram Allen are my images. I had a one-person exhibition at Hsuiping University in 2008, entitled “Tanzania and Taiwan: A View of Two Countries from One Pair of Eyes”. In May of 2014 I had a one-person exhibition titled “Landscapes by Timothy S. Allen” held at Kun Shan Technical University, Tainan, Taiwan. This exhibition largely focused on my work from a three-month stay on the central coast of Oregon. I continue to show in group exhibitions and competitions. In 2016 one of my photographs was featured on the cover of CARNIVAL magazine. I am a contributing photographer to MIDWAY magazine. My photos have appeared in many articles and on the cover for their September 2018 issue.

I'm currently living in Santa Rosa, California and frequently travel to the East Coast and to other countries. I’m an active member of the Santa Rosa Photographic Society. The Society is a member of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs.

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